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Aviation Writing

#1 Post by thirdtimecharm » Mon Jan 31, 2011 8:21 pm

Last week I was... uhmmm... blessed with a five hour stay at lovely Winnipeg International Airport. In order to pass some time I bought my usual four airplane mags and then was immediately reminded of my New Year's resolution not to buy aviation magazines.

It just seems that they have lost any relevance to me. Baxter is gone... no more Down East International apparently was bought out by EIF and if I see one more review of the G1000 I am going to scream. Its bad when the best part of the magazine is the "25 Years Ago" section.

Now- it occurs to me that the people that I would really like to hear from are actually writing in this forum. Some of the stories or reviews and comments that are written here would kick the asses of most aviation writers. I realize that a lot of people don't have the time to sit down and write a full article, so I had a bit of an idea.

If I, and others somehow donated the money that we would spend on Flying or Canadian Aviation for some sort of monthly or quarterly writer's prize(s) would that encourage some full length interesting articles from some of the contributors in here? If you had a chance of getting $500 would it encourage an in-depth review of the -400 Twin Otter? Would someone write a heartfelt story about how they connected with their son while flying? Would there be some articles on safety that have some resemblance to real life in Canada popping up?

Not sure what would be involved in setting this up, but thought that it might be an idea.
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