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#1 Post by 3strokes » Wed Aug 15, 2012 9:37 am

I have not seen, in the index, a Forum site for newbies -like me- to introduce themselves.
So, here goes.
I've worked for Airlines since 1965 to 1989 (IB QF OA BA PA TU OA IB and TG)
in Ticketing and Reservations and then Sales Management roles. Every time I flew
(or almost every time) I would manage to get my business card sent to the Pilot in
command and get invited to visit the cockpit and maybe 8 times out of 10, I'd be
allowed to sit there for landings (mouth completely shut at about 20 minutes from the
Airport.) These visits were more important and satisfying to me than sitting in
First Class.

I came to Canada in 89 and have been working (like a dog) in Travel Agencies.
Very few business trips and no chance to get invited to the cockpit (not in N.American

A few weeks ago a local pilot training academy had a Coupon offer, "Pilot for a day" for $199.
It consisted of a couple of hours of ground school in preparation for a 40-45' flight.
I'm going through ground school now (aiming for my Recreational Pilot License). The weather has
not been compliant to get my flight. So, that is on hold. Yesterday, my instructor had the Simulator
booked for me. We get there and the configuration has been changed, Yoke-out, Joystick-in.
My school flying will be done on a Cessna C-150. So, no simulator.

Right now my only sources of information and training, have been and and now where I plan on spending a lot of time
(listening, lurking, reading and generally keeping as mum as I'd be as a visitor to an Airliner's
cockpit, on final approach and landing.


The name 3strokes originates from my having been a competitive swimmer in my youth
(last Century) swimming freestyle only (thus lacking the other 3strokes.)
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